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About Us

The IRES Social Research Institute is a first in understanding the public perceptions, public service users and other stakeholders, including employees and voters. We carry out custom research for clients in the public and private sector to help them make evidence-based decisions. Our expert teams have the in-depth sector wide knowledge to assist decision-makers across the full range of public policy issues.

Our solutions

Policy evaluation, impact and programme assessment
Our extensive experience of working with government and not-for-profit organisations allows us to draw on the sector-specific expertise and research techniques required to find out what impact there has been as a result of an intervention or program, identify what intervention or program works best (and in what circumstances), and determine why an intervention or program works, or doesn't work.

Our solutions include: Programme Scoping & Design, Project management & monitoring, Project Baseline, mid line and end line surveys, Data collection for M&E, Impact Assessment, Data verification, Stakeholders engagement, Fund Management, Grant management, Monitoring and Evaluation IT automation, Public sector M&E, Strategic management, value for money, Cost-Benefit & Cost-Effectiveness Analysis, and Writing evaluation reports.                                                     

Medical, Healthcare, Biotech, Pharmaceutical Research
The medical and healthcare industry comprises of all those organizations that offer products and services to people in need of any preventive, rehabilitative or curative treatment. The healthcare industry comprises of several other industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnology industry, health care equipment industry and several other life sciences industries that work for the development of the health care sector.

Our solution includes a complete range of community and patient engagement services and methodologies (both quantitative and qualitative) to help healthcare providers and system leaders find the evidence they need to make informed decisions. We develop and conduct programme evaluations and real-time client experience studies that measure achievements (both real and perceived) and provide recommendations for continuous improvement.
Location analytics
Location analytics is the process or the ability to gain insight from the location or geographic component of business data. Business data usually contains geographical or location data which mostly goes unused. This data can be as broad as city and country or as specific as GPS location. When this data is placed within the context of big data dashboards and data science models, it allows companies to discover new trends and insights.

Our solution includes;retail business, marketing, health, agriculture, public sector, real estate, emergency services, logistics and transportation, telecommunication.
Revenue Management Services
Revenue collection is an effective way in which governments can develop their economies. However, many developing countries face challenges in their revenue collection. Governments loses millions of dollars through fraud and errors related to poor revenue management.

Our revenue management solution includes; Automation of services, Assessment of Revenue Potentials, System Health Check, Business process re-engineering, Data Analytics, Implementation, Policy Formulation, Law Reform and Administration Reform.                                                                                                         >
Corporate Reputation research
IRES corporate reputation measures, manages and monitors corporate reputation across all relevant stakeholder groups. It provides actionable recommendations and precise guidance on how to manage reputation to achieve and sustain growth.

Citizen and stakeholders’ consultations
IRES utilises a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative methodologies obtain citizen and stakeholder opinion on a variety of top issues and concerns, and provide information and evidence that help decision makers within the public sector develop and evaluate their policies, programmes and communications. We work with our clients to identify, segment and profile their key audiences, and understand how best to engage existing and potential audiences.
Performance management and improvement in public services
We help local, regional and national government clients understand the nuances of public opinion and behavior on social and economic issues.
Social trends
We help our clients to identify the deep social trends either locally or internationally.                                                                                                                                            

Research Methods

Qualitative surveys
IRES qualitative research supports both business-to-business and consumer studies. Qualitative research is used to understand underlying reasons, motivations and opinions, behaviors and social contexts. It is exploratory in nature and seeks to answer the questions why, how, what, when, where, and who. We draw out appropriate information from them through our B2B, B2C, C-Level executives and large scale consumer interviews. Our team creates solutions that deliver real insight that can be turned into action.

Our qualitative approaches include Focus Group Discussions, Mini Groups & Friendship Groups, Consumer Immersions, Triads, In-depth interviews, online group discussions, consumer panels, Ethnographic research, Mobile Diaries, Customer Journey mapping, Respondent Recruitment, Market visits/Customer safari, Shop-a-longs/Accompanied shops, Desk research, Industry research reports, Market entry reports.

Creative workshops:
We engage stakeholders in open discussions on research findings to generate deeper insights for implementation as strategy
Consumer Immersions:
We attempt to explain how culture represents the cultural constructions, in which we live through participant observations. Participants live and form bonds within the environment the ethnography is being conducted spending months or years within this environment
Quantitative research
In quantitative research, we seek to measure the proportion of a population so we can understand how many people in a certain segment think or behave the way that they do. It makes use of measurable data to formulate facts and uncover patterns. Quantitative research answers the questions how many, what is the ratio, what percentage, at what price and all other questions that need statistical validity. It is used to quantify attitudes opinions and behaviors. Our experts are well-versed in translation, research design, briefing, interview execution, data collection, analysis and interpretation of results in the context of various African languages and cultures. We deliver reliable, measurable and accurate data.

Our quantitative approaches include Survey development, Face to Face interviews, Telephonic Interviews, Hall Tests, Consumer panels, Mystery shopping and Online surveys. .
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